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Join One Of Our
'Marketing Mastermind Groups'

… Who is this for?


  • It’s for business owners early in your career (brimming with questions and challenges)...
  • It's for battle-tested veterans seeking fresh input and ideas… and sharing their ideas with others...

The Problem You’re Currently Facing:

Most entrepreneurs and business owners try to become successful by themselves. They can barely tolerate input from outsiders. It’s just part of our DNA.

Then what happens?

You find trying to do it all by your lonesome is overwhelming. It sucks the passion right out of you, because you’re living your business life in an isolation chamber.

Nobody is as effective on their own, as they are with other like-minded people.


Think about it. NO top level athlete would ever think of trying to get to the top of their game without a coach.

We All Need Guidance
And Support

In my 40+ years as a marketing and advertising expert... I know from deep experience that the SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs in the game all enjoy massive amounts of outside help.

Wise business owners eventually “get it.” They give up on "going it alone" when they realize how FAST profits can come once they seek expert input (...and put it to use).

Your Solution:

Over the last few years, I've buddied up with my long-time friend and business partner, Vinny Dappio. We host the most unique mastermind group of its kind.

It's a small group. Participation is not automatic. We must be a good fit for you, and you must be a good fit for the group.

Here's How You'll Benefit

We literally run the meetings as "Hot Seats" -- where each member gets a full session (usually about an hour or longer) as the center of attention, with the rest of us focused ONLY on your situation.

  • We keep groups small
  • 2-3 participants at the most
  • We don't want to take up too much of your day

A Very Potent Tool...

Think of it as a cooperative. While we’re going over your situation, the other members are there, with their input.

Imagine if your business had a “board of directors” to assist you with those tough business problems. Bringing someone else's business experiences into the thought process can be a huge asset.

We’ll bring to you every field-tested strategy, every bit of information we know, and every brilliant thought (from both inside and outside the box) to bear on one simple goal:

To Make Your Business
More Profitable

  • The mastermind group will give you the ability to dissect and resolve both the small and large marketing problems facing your business today... 

  • We’ll make specific recommendations to help you “attract, convert, and keep high-quality clients to your business...

  • We’ll work with you in a way that fits your style and marketing budget

We'll Also Show You...

  • How to fix the immediate problems causing you pain...

  • How to shore up the weak parts of your current marketing plan so you're completely clear on what to do NEXT...
  • Where to find better resources, tech help, networking possibilities, and the best strategies known to the group...
  • Plus, how to shake off the bad parts of being a business owner, so you can get busy enjoying the happiness you deserve...
  • It's a tall order, yes... But, it WILL happen...

The secret is knowing how to build and implement MARKETING SYSTEMS that help you attract, convert, and keep high-quality clients over the life of your business.

A Few Details:

  • Mastermind Groups meet twice a month. Most members prefer mornings meetings, which usually start at 9:30am 

  • Scheduling is flexible

  • To insure each member ample time, groups will be limited to 2 or 3 participants

  • NO long term obligation, strictly month to month

  • Your investment: $250.00 per month 

Here's What To Do Next:


Do your research. Most mastermind groups charge between $300 - $500 and meet only once a month.

Becoming part of a Speciality Marketing Consultants mastermind group is $250.00 and you meet twice a month. That’s double the bang for your buck.

Submit your application to join. After our review, we’ll let you know which mastermind group will be a good fit for you.

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