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  • May 2015 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter
    May 2015 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter

    * Think Direct-Mail Is Dead?... Better Think Again!
    Attend any marketing conference and you’ll always hear ‘greenhorn’ marketers ask, “Does direct-marketing still work? It’s a clear indication they’re newbie’s to the world of direct-response. The pros will always tell you the same thing. Direct response marketing isn’t going anywhere!”

    * Bring Back "The Human Touch."…
    Human intervention has taken a back seat to emails and texting. We’ve almost forgotten how to make things personal. After 25+ years of being treated like a computer widget, being told, “This is the way you have to respond”... people are starting to say, “... Hey, hold on a cotton-pickin’ minute... I miss the human touch”

    * What Does A Child’s Private School ‘Uniform’ Have Do With Your Marketing?
    ... More Than You Might Think!Does your business look like everybody else's? If you even thought about saying “Yes” to this question, you’d best read the rest of this article.

  • April 2015 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter
    April 2015 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter

    * Having Trouble Getting Your Marketing Message Across? Then Think Of Your 'Marketing' As 'Flirting'
    * Are You Turning Features Into Benefits? Your prospects don't care anything about your features. They simply want to know "WIIFT" (What's In It For Them)
    * Striving To Be A Great "G-Daddy" Apply these 'RELATIONSHIP BUILDING' tools to your business.
    * 10 Interesting Questions And Answers From "Siri"

  • March 2015 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter
    March 2015 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter

    * How Infomercials Use Direct-Response Marketing To Successfully Promote Their Products And How You Can Do The Same
    * Copywriter Gary Bencivenga Explains The Importance Of Demonstrating "Proof" In Your Ads And Sales Copy
    * How To Use Free Internet Resources Like YouTube, Podcasting, And Blogging To Grow Your Small Business
    * Using The Five "Trust Accelerators" With Your Prospects, Clients, Customers, and Patients

  • February 2015 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter
    February 2015 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter

    * Spring 2015 "The Specialty Marketing Consultants" Podcast. Small business marketing strategies… like "writing with personality," "copywriting," "direct-mail" strategies to grow your small business
    * "If I Could Only Have One Marketing Tool To Grow My Business It Would Be My Monthly Newsletter"
    * Do You Have Commission Breath?" What is this nasty disease that many salespeople and small business owners have -- and how do you get rid of it?

  • January 2015 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter
    January 2015 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter

    * Business Tips And Strategies From Brian Tracy. His bestselling book Maximum Achievement outlines some of the most effective ways of reaching your goals -- and keeping them!
    * Do You Have The Courage To Do The Opposite Of Everybody Else? If you can't find a valid model for success for your business, look at what everybody else is doing -- and do the opposite. Most of your biggest breakthroughs will occur when you stand out, and be different.
    * Nobody's Got Time For Frustrating, Ineffective Websites.
    *Are You A Disciplined Marketer? If So, Direct Response Marketing May Be Your Ticket To Ride.
    * Random Acts Of Kindness And Their Positive Health Benefits

  • December 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter
    December 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter

    1. The many benefits of having your own monthly, offline newsletter. Real life example of a business associate who has done wonders with his newsletter.
    2. "You may have the right people on the bus, but are they sitting in the right seats?" More real-life marketing examples from one of the top insurance marketers in the country.

  • November 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter
    November 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter

    You've Made A Sale.. Is It Time To Celebrate? Tips on what you should do AFTER the sale are just as important as what you do BEFORE the sale.

    Is Your Marketing Process Scaring People To Death? Our FREE eBook has 2,397 colloquial word, phrases and expressions to help you connect with your prospects and clients 'like glue."

  • October 2014 'On-Target' Marketing Newsletter
    October 2014 'On-Target' Marketing Newsletter

    "How To Hook And Land The Big Ones"
    To enjoy a profitable business, all you need is a core group of high-quality clients. Discover the strategies to "attract" and "covert" a stable of great accounts.
    "How To Find And Cultivate Your Dream List"
    Focus on the long-haul.
    The Future of Marketing is Now In A Mobile-filled World.
    Is your website and marketing funnel "mobile-friendly?
    When It Comes To Marketing And Growing Your Business --“Inconsistency” Is A Dirty Word.
    Why Inconsistent Marketing Was Like Playing Russian Roulette

  • Sept 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter
    Sept 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter

    * How Do You Think? Why certain super-achiever marketer's gain levels of success so much higher than others
    * The Daytona Beach Direct-marketing Group Alliance with The Florida Small Business Development Center
    * How I Used An Advisory Board To Create “Incredible” Honor & Allegiance With My Most Coveted Clients
    * Direct Mail Business Can Be A Funny Business ... Even If By Accident
    * Are You Marketing To People Who Don’t Need For What You're Selling?

  • August 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter
    August 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter

    * 'Good Is Good Enough' Perfection Is Paralysis. “You need not waste time, energy, or money in seeking perfectionism or excellence outside the normal boundaries of what looks good.
    * How To Be A "Sales Stud"
    * You Can Only Go So Far... “Running Your Business By The Seat Of Your Pants!”
    * Super Foods To Increase Your Brain Power
    *One Of The Biggest Revelations In Your Business Will Occur When You Learn How To Translate World-Class Salesmanship Into Printed Words
    * 9 Wickedly Effective Direct-Mail Marketing Tips

  • July 2014 'On-Target' Marketing Newsletter
    July 2014 'On-Target' Marketing Newsletter

    * How The ‘Law of Reciprocity’ Can Make or Break Your Business
    * Amazing Role Model, Entrepreneur, And “Health Warrior” Shares Her Passion For Business -- And Zest For Life
    * Social Media Tools To Make Your Life Easier!
    * What Would You Be Doing Today If Money Didn't Matter?

  • June 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter
    June 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter

    * Daytona Beach ‘Direct-Marketing’ Group Kicks Off Inaugural Meeting
    22 Direct-Response ‘Quick Hitters’
    * Marketing never stops changing. The latest thing online is Google's ‘Auto Complete.’ When people go on Google, they use the search bar to search for key words. They type in whatever they looking for. Google's algorithm generates 'predicted results’ in the drop down box in the search bar. Your goal as a brick and mortar small-business, is to appear in that drop down box.
    * What Do You Do When Nobody On The Internet Loves You?…
    * Is It Time To Have Rod Harter -- A Tested, Proven, Veteran Copywriter Write Your Next Marketing Campaign?”

  • May 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter
    May 2014 'On Target' Marketing Newsletter

    * How To Burrow Deep IntoYour Prospects Mind. Creating 'fear' in your prospect's mind.
    Our purchase decisions are based on "emotion."“Here’s How You Can Get 61% Of Your
    * Business From Your Existing Customers... Just As I’ve Done With Mine.”
    * How To Get Inside The Heads Of Your Prospects And Customers. The Foundational Principles Of Consumer Psychology.
    * Be Careful Who You Associate With. Your friends, your family, your relationships, your job, and your opportunities have all been attracted to you because of the way of thinking in each area.
    **Your 30-minute Marketing/Consulting Brain Cleanse. It's hard to run your business from an isolation chamber.

    • April 2014 'The Copy Wizard' Marketing Newsletter
      April 2014 'The Copy Wizard' Marketing Newsletter

      * I Lost A Potential Client The Other Day. People don't like to hear their idea won't float. The difference between an "idea" and a winning marketing campaign.
      * Is Email Really The Granddaddy Of All Marketing?
      * Pay Attention To What These Two Marketing Master's Have To Say
      * How A Monthly Marketing Letter Can Put Your Business On The Map
      13 Ways To Turn 'Skimmers' Into Interested 'Readers'
      *The Power of Having A Mentor, Consultant, and Business Coach