Writing With Personality

Let’s say you’re walking down the street.  A complete stranger stops and ask’s you for the time, or directions, or can you help them. What would your first reaction be?

Caution...... Suprise....... Sympathetic and Helpful?

We believe, the vast majority of you would be cautious. Why? Because this is a complete stranger. Someone you have absolutely no rapport with.

The Same Scenario Holds True…
In Today's Business World...

Today, so many businesses use the same, cookie cutter mold, for their writing, market-ing and advertising.

Professional, grammatically correct, and generic.

It rarely “hits” you..... on a personal level. You feel as though you’re being approached by a complete stranger.

Let Em Know…..
Who "You" Are...

We polled our membership, and we asked them, “The last purchase you made, did you feel any connection with the business?”

3 out of 4.... that’s 75%.... said there was no customer service at all, or they felt dis-connected from their purchase. No human touch.

If you start to insert “your personality” in your letters, marketing and advertising, you’ll create an instant bond and rapport with the customer or client you’re trying to reach.

It's Not Just Words…..
It's Proven.....

Go to the internet and “Google” rapport, and the important role it plays in building relationships. There are countless volumes of information and research on the subject.

People like dealing with people.  That starts with a rapport. Let em know who you are.

Define "Personality"...

It’s generally agreed upon that there are 16 distinct personalities.  They’re comprised of 4 groups, with 4 different personalities, in each group.

Group One: “The Analyst”. Within this group you’ll find....... Imaginative..... Innovative..... Bold.... Smart.....

Group Two: “The Diplomat”. Within this group you’ll find........ Quite..... Poetic..... Charismatic...... Enthusiastic.......

Group Three: “The Sentinels”. Within this group you’ll find........ Practical..... Dedicated..... Excellent Administrators..... Extraordinarily Caring.......

Group Four: “The Explorers” Within this group you’ll find........ Bold...... Flexible...... Smart...... Spontaneous......

Believe us.  You fit into at least one, if not all, of these groups.  Most people have traits and personalities that are capable of multi tasking. Your business people.  You had the hutzpah to tackle running a business.  Now it’s time to let your customer and client base know who you are.

Now Don’t Go Turning
Into "Sybil" On Us....

We don’t want you getting to carried away with your writing. A professional demeanor is always protocol.

If your personality falls within group one and group four, than show those traits in your writing, marketing and advertising.

If you were writing to a close friend or close family member, your writing would be extremely candid, and open.  It may even contain a few “blue” words.  “AVOID THAT”.

In order to write with personality for your business, imagine as though you were writ-ing to an Uncle, or relative you may see 2 or 3 times a year.  Candid enough to build rapport, yet professional enough, to get your message across.

What Is Your

How do you find out exactly what your personality is?

The next time you’re with a friend, bring a recording device with you.  I’m sure most of you have a phone, iPad, Tablet or some new fangled contraption, that will allow you to record your conversation. Of course, let them know your recording.

Turn on the machine and start talking about your business.  Get a good dialogue going. Be honest, and passionate about your business, and the direction you’re going to take it. In about 20 minutes you’ll have plenty of information, and your personality will come shining through.

Now get it down in writing.  You’d be surprised to find out, not only did you determine what your personality is.........

You may have just written the copy for your next commercial, newsletter or newspaper ad. It’s a powerful tool.  It’s a tool that should definitely be part of your work area.

Trust Is
A Must

In today’s economy it’s extremely difficult to remain competitive.  When competing in a “price driven” market, the business owner has to find new and different ways, to keep their business going... and growing.

Trust is built through rapport.  Rapport is established by opening oneself up.  Writing with personality let’s your customers know, who you are.  People like that.  People like dealing with people.  Didn’t we say that earlier. Well it’s still true.

If you start letting people know who you are, and how passionate you are about your product or service, it becomes contagious. Or....what’s the new term? Viral.

You want folks to go “Viral” over your product or service. It’s your horn, start tooting it.

Attract Em'….. Convert Em'….. Keep Em'…..

That’s our companies credo, or mission statement, or whatever fancy name they want to give it nowadays.

Writing with personality is a great way to “Attract” new customers.

Writing with personality is a great way to “Convert” customers.

Writing with personality is a great way to “Keep” customers.

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