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When it comes to advertising and marketing...

When It Comes To Advertising And Marketing -- You Can Only Go So Far On B. S.

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B. S. may get your prospect's attention -- but it won't keep it.

Consumers are intuitive.  They can spot a traditional "sales pitch" a mile away.

If you really want to attract prospects, convert them into high-paying clients, and keep em over the long haul -- you MUST know how to talk to them on a personal level.

You must write with personality.

Unfortunately, nobody taught us how to write with personality in school.  Our teachers may have called it "creative writing" … but it wasn't creative at all.

What we learned in school was way too formal.

We understand.  There's a time and for formal communication -- but it shouldn't be a part of relationship-building process of direct-response marketing.  Your goal is to build trust and rapport.

Your words are your "personality" in print.

Our free report will help you write with more personality.  It's chocked full of hundreds of everyday phrases and terms.  And you can start using it immediately to build a stronger connection with your reader.  Download it now, print it off, and keep on the corner of your desk.  It will quickly become one of the best resources in your marketing tool chest.

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