About Us

Some folks get confused thinking the object of their business is “to make more money.”

We believe, the object of your business is to “make more profit.”

That’s why we refer to ourselves as...

Your Direct-Response
"Profit Lab.”

Most business owners are scared to death of the word “Marketing.”  For many, it makes their palms sweaty.

Here's a suggestion.  Instead of thinking of the word, "marketing".... think of the process as “story telling."

Simply tell YOUR story.

For example, let’s say you’re a farmer and you grow tomatoes.  Not just any tomatoes, but the freshest, tastiest tomatoes in the state.

There’s just one problem.... you're the only one who knows you have the best tomatoes in the state.   Nobody else has a clue.

Your tomatoes have to be “brought to market.”  No matter how good they are, your tomatoes aren't going to sell themselves.  You've got to let everybody know you've got the best tomatoes in the state.   Not only that, but you must tell them "why" your tomatoes are the best… the process you use…. the extra steps you take to bring them to harvest.

Great marketing is about telling YOUR story, and doing so in a way that your potential customers can visualize enjoying one of your delicious, juicy tomatoes through your marketing.

Great marketing is an art form.

Don’t let the "marketing" scare you. If you're proud of your business, you must tell everyone.

But, here's the rub… most small businesses market their products and services the wrong way.

They copy each other.

Most businesses advertise the same way as all their competitor's.

Nobody is unique.

We refer to this process as “incest marketing.”  Eventually, everybody looks the same.

To stand out, you HAVE to be different.  Telling your story will make you stand out and be different.   That's what we do.   We help help you "stand out" and be different.

We’ll Make
Your Marketing Dollars
Go Much Further

Between us, we have more than 80 years of sales and marketing experience. We’ve worked for the big Fortune 500 companies.  Additionally, we have extensive experience in the world of retail sales and marketing.

Read the wall of testimonials throughout our website. These are clients that use this type of direct response marketing... and it works for them.

If this fits your business model, welcome aboard. If it doesn’t fit, then good luck on your marketing endeavors.

By the way, some of those testimonials you’re about to read, just may be one of your competitors.