Direct Response Marketing

What is “Direct Response Marketing”? In order to get a better understanding, it’s necessary to break it down into separate definitions.

I don’t mean to make it sound that simple, but initially..... It’s that simple. It makes more sense, if we start.... at the end.


According to “The American Marketing Association” : marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value, for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

In short...... Tell em what you’re peddlin'... how great it is... and why they need it....


As stated in “The Merriman-Webster” dictionary” : An act of responding. Something constituting a reply or reaction. A reply to a particular stimulus.


One definition found in “” states, “Contacting and influencing, carefully chosen prospects.

Now let’s put it back together, in the correct order.......

     DIRECT = Carefully chosen prospects

     RESPONSE = A reply to a particular stimulus

     MARKETING = Delivering and exchanging offerings that have value

Let’s Get Started...

Carefully Chosen

Let’s take a look at the way the majority of marketing is done today.  It’s what we call, “Brand or Image” marketing.  It’s written with a broad field of prospective customers in mind.  Reason being... you cast a huge net... over a huge audience... hoping to snag a few customers.

Fishing is the perfect analogy.  The larger the fisherman’s net... the more fish they will catch. This cannot be argued.  It’s physics, and sounds great, doesn’t it.  It’s exactly the way they’ve “burned” that type of marketing into your brain.  The bigger the net.... the better the catch. WRONG.

What they avoid telling you... the bigger the net.... the bigger the cost.  Brand, or Image marketing takes deep, deep pockets.  Big companies, have big marketing budgets.  Do you? No, you don’t. You also lose sight of the fact that there will be fish in that net, that don’t belong there.

Tuna fisherman.... only want to catch tuna.  In fact, it’s become so selective, some tuna companies say right on the can, “No Net - Dolphin Free” tuna.

You have to become that “selective fisherman”.  Instead of spending a ton of money, in order to fish in the huge ocean... you have to spend much less... and turn that ocean, into a pond.

The other day, I went to my mailbox, and what did I find?  A beautifully done mailer.  It was multi colored and chuck full of great product information and value.  I don’t know how in the world anyone could pass up the opportunity to have this product.  I was tempted to pick up the phone and call immediately.  It was the most beautiful pool I’d ever seen.  Here’s the rub. I live in a condo.

Don’t misunderstand my point. Mailers done correctly are an extremely effective marketing tool. However, why didn’t this company take the extra step to avoid mailing them to apartment complexes, condominiums or business locations?

You have to direct your limited marketing dollars, to a more select audience.  You accomplish this by fine tuning your marketing demographic.  One of our “free tutorials” will show you how.

A Reply To A
Particular Stimulus...

Okay.... Now you know who your marketing to.  It’s time to give them a reason to be looking at your marketing, and forget about the competitions.

Give them something of value, for free.  That deserves repeating..... Something of value, for free.  You’re probably already doing this.  You see it all the time....

      ... Free 30 day trial...

     ... The first 50 callers...

     ... While supplies last...

There are hundreds of catch phrases that will stimulate your customers or clients to act. We’ve produced a free report on "colloquial terms" and "catch" phrases. It’s here in the website.

You’ve all seen those ads that promise you a “Free Months Supply” ... if you act today.

Deliver Something
Of Value...

Writing copy for marketing and advertising is not an easy task.  Some folks get it immediately.  Some never get it at all. One things for sure though....

It has to have the ability to “Attract Em”, “Convert em”, and “Keep Em”.  Those are the 3 pillars that we use here at “Specialty Marketing Consultants”.

Your marketing should be written with “personality”.  Your personality.  People like dealing, with other people.  Market to people... like a person.

It should be written with your prospective customer or clients needs in mind.  Let them know that there’s something in it of value... for them.

You live in the same world they do.  Everyday, you experience the same “ups and downs” as they do.  Let them know that.  Live in their world.

Be persistent. This is not a willy-nilly, “I think I’ll do some marketing today” process.  You have to be in it for the “long haul”.  There are a multitude of steps you can take, that will “Attract Em”, but never... repeat... never... become a “pest”.  You always want to remain a “guest”, with your customers and clients.

There’s quite a few steps in the “Direct Response Marketing” stairway.

Our “Free Tutorials” will show you how to take those steps, and start increasing your profits.  That’s why we call ourselves your “Direct Response Profit Lab”.

It’s working like gangbusters for our clients.  Their testimonials are scattered throughout our website. It works for them.  It will work for you.

An Example
Of A Direct-Response Marketing
Sales Letter