What's The Matter?

Can’t Get Around To Doing Some
Much Needed Marketing?

Often, when we consult with a client, they'll tell us they "want" to do more marketing. They say they “understand the power of better marketing.”

Then, tucked deep in the conversation ...they'll say something like...

".... Guys, I see many benefits of what you're saying.
I know I should be doing more marketing. The problem is,
I just don't have the time for it right now."



... Then We'll Ask Them,
If They'reWorking Smarter…
Or Just Harder?

Bottom line, leads and new business are the lifeblood, of your business.

You have to market your business -- or, you'll be at the mercy of the economy --  your competitors -- or both.

Marketing should be at the top of your list of business priorities.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

The other day, Vinny and I were consulting with a couple of clients in a local coffee shop. The place was perfect for our meeting. It had everything, except, one thing…


The guy had NO customers in his restaurant.

If it weren’t for the four of us having a meeting there, the place would have been a ghost town.  To make matters worse, it was mid-morning, peak time for coffee shops.

Initially, I felt bad for the owner.  We all wondered how in the world was he was covering his expenses and keeping the lights on every day.  Based on what we saw, the guy had absolutely NO marketing plan.  Nothing.

Too many people today rely on “word of mouth” advertising. Referrals are great, but how long will your pocketbook wait, for word of mouth to spread.

You Could've Heard
A Pin
Drop In The Joint

The Owner Needed To Be Doing

You can't just open your doors, put a sign out by the road, and say "We're open for business."

My Friend …
Those Days Are Over…
And Gone Forever...

Let me frame my point with this quick story.

The other morning I was zipping down I-4, from Orlando to my home in Ponce Inlet, FL.  I was on my way to an appointment I couldn't afford to miss.  It was essential I make this call.

There was just one problem... and it was a big one.

I Had To Stop
And Get Gas!

About this time, a little voice in my head said, "Rod, you can't afford to stop... you have an important meeting in 45 minutes."

Well, guess what?  The needle on my gas gauge said otherwise.

Suddenly, I had a new priority.  I HAD to stop!  I had to make time for a quick stop for gas, or else.

So, ask yourself, what are your business priorities?

Think You're Too Busy…?
Better Think Again.

The next time you tell yourself you've got too much going on to do marketing… better think again!

Truth is, you have to do some marketing.

You have to think of the marketing portion of your business as a gas gauge. There’s times when you’ve got to stop and fill-er up.  You don't have an option.

"The sun was in my eyes…"
"I tripped over a crack
in the sidewalk…"
"I thought 'what's his name'
was going to do it…"

Does any of this sound familiar?

Truth is, those are lame excuses, and going down one of those roads will cause you to run out of gas.

Excuses are easy to create. A marketing plan takes some work. If you're business is used to taking the easy way out, by all means... keep making excuses.

Don’t forget... You’re competition lives by Napoleon’s old quote, “Never let your enemy know when they’re making a mistake.”

If you want your business to get on track, drop the excuses and get on board with a good marketing plan.

You Need To
MAKE Time!

  • Get up a little earlier if you have to...
  • Work a few hours on a Saturday...
  • Do whatever it takes to carve out a few extra hours in your week to start some marketing...

Look at your project like the needle on your business dashboard.  Make it a priority before you run out of gas.

Plan Your Work…
And Work Your Plan...

That cliche is sooooo old… but we still use it today.  Why?   Because it works.

Great marketing starts once you implement a great plan.

We can help you get started, and give you the tools, the ideas and the resources to grow your business.

If you don't make time for this, you'll slowly run out of gas, and your business will come to a halt.

Do yourself a favor... stop and fill up your tank with high-octane marketing. When you do, your business will run faster, and more profitably than you ever imagined.

You don’t have to travel this road alone. We can help you.

To set up your free consultation, call (407) 619-3598. Your appointment is waiting for you. Don't drag your feet on this. Do it while it's on your mind, and before you run out of gas!

It Has Worked
For Others…
It Will Work For You...