...What's the matter?

"Upset Cause You Can't Afford
To Make Video's A Part Of Your
Marketing Plan?"


Yes You Can.

If you’re serious about online marketing... you know how important it is to have videos on your website. Ask any top marketer, and they’ll tell you the same thing. Videos are an absolute must on your website.

The problem is, videos are hard to make... and expensive to make.

Stop right there...

That used to be true, but not anymore.

In fact, if you know what your doing, videos can quickly and affordably, be a key part of your marketing plan.

If you’re like most business owners we consult with, you've probably been lead to believe that the best videos need to have a "talking head", or be long and elaborate.

Not so.

While there’s a time and a place for fancy, expensive videos... the most effective ones are the exact opposite.

They're short…
And fast paced...

The fact is, human beings are impatient. We have very short attention spans. Consumers are always in a hurry. They don’t have the time or patience to watch long, drawn-out videos.

You gotta hit em right between the eyes -- quickly.

The best lead-generation videos are short, informative, and entertaining. At Specialty Marketing Consultants, just as our name implies, video marketing is “specialty.”  We know what works.  After all, it’s our profession.

We know how to attract,
and convert prospects using
fast-paced videos...

Making entertaining, fast-paced videos may sound easy. But, if you’ve ever taken a stab at it, you know it’s anything but easy. It’s probably the main reason why so many small business owners don’t have videos on their website.  They’ve tried doing it, and failed miserably.

Believe us when we say, "you’re not alone."  Many before you have tried shooting short, informative videos... and like so many others, they’ve thrown in the towel.

Truth is, the process is very challenging. It’s it’s a learned skill.

In order to create videos that work, you must have...

  • A creative mind, and be a visionary, with the ability to see a finished project in your head...
  • The mindset to edit a video in a way that holds attention and flows seamlessly, from start to finish...
  • The proper software (and knowhow to use it) that keeps your viewer riveted to their screen...

If the idea of creating short,
information-packed videos makes
you weak in the knees...

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Instead of trying to do something you’re not good at, we recommend you focus on what you do best where you make the most money.

Turn your video marketing over to two guys who live in the world of video marketing everyday.

Even if you can make your own videos, why would you? The process will take way too long.

Time is money.

For much less than you might think, you can turn your videos marketing projects over to us. We’ll handle everything for you.

Consider the following...

Shoot a video with your smartphone. Then send your video to us. We'll turn it into a fast-paced, compelling video that’s sure to get your audience to take action.


Turn your project over to us. We’ll handle everything, soup to nuts. We'll write the script... shoot the video... and edit it down to a couple of minutes. The finished product will be a fast-paced professional looking video that’s sure to be money-maker for you.

When your video is done, be sure you upload it to YouTube. Why would you want to do that, you say? Well, actually there are a couple of really big reasons.

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world...

  • Google owns YouTube. This means your video has an excellent chance of reaching the first page of Google, which would be a SEO goldmine for you...

Another reason you should have your own YouTube channel is it’s cheap. Dirt cheap. In fact, it’s free. Yes, free. You can have your own YouTube channel for nothing! How cool is that?

And, once we’ve had a chance to consult with you, and share our 80+ years of creative marketing ideas for your videos... the sky is the limit as to what you can do.

Again, remember the goals of your videos. Informative, fast-paced, and entertaining. All three things are a must for to have compelling videos that people will want to watch.

There are unlimited ways to bring videos into your marketing plan. The key is knowing -- how, and where -- to get started, without breaking the bank.

Let’s help you get started.

See you at the top!