Do You Miss The Human Touch? … I Sure Do!

In the early days of the internet, consumers fell hard for the EASE of gathering information. Exciting times for sure.

In the process, something ugly has reared its head over the last few years. We’ve gotten waaaaaaay too caught-up with the internet.

All the fun, convenience and excitement has created a steady decline in the human touch.

Human intervention has taken a back seat to emails and texting. We’ve almost forgotten how to make things personal.

After 25+ years of being treated like a computer widget, being told, “This is the way you have to respond”… people are starting to say, “… Hey, hold on a cotton- pickin’ minute…”

“… I Miss The Human Touch”

We secretly miss the “human connection.” The joy of being written to, or spoken to, as a “human being.” One person talking to another. When it comes to turning a prospect into a client, nothing trumps human intervention. Vinny and I believe the human touch is making a comeback.

Society has relinquished some of our most personal and intimate abilities to electronic, gadgetry. We’ve turned to the ease and convenience of emails and texting.

It looks like the “internet game” is here to stay. For the smart business owner, that doesn’t mean you have to say, “goodbye” to the human touch. To do so would make you look like everybody else. And… what’s the #1 rule of being a savvy business owner?

Being Different. Standing Out.

When’s the last time you received a hand written note in the mail? How did it make you feel when you opened your mailbox and laid your eyes on a personalized, hand written note? Curiosity and anticipation take center stage over traditional hi-tech sales tactics.

There’s unmatched anticipation of opening a hand written note, knowing someone took the time to express their personal thoughts to you.

A simple gesture creates so much emotion. It’s because we know the sender took the time to buy stationery, hand write their thoughts, address the envelope, put a stamp on it, and walk it to the mailbox. It took time, effort, and thought.

Start sending out 1-2 hand written notes a week. You be amazed what it will do for your business.