What Does A Sand Sculpture Have To Do With Your Marketing? … Plenty!

We’re not always working on marketing campaigns around here. We stop from time to time to have fun.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, my kids and I decided, rather than build a sand castle like everybody else, we’d do something that stood out. We designed two sea turtles in the sand.

Just like a marketing project,
we needed a plan

Beach walkers loved our finished product. Many people took pictures of our life-like turtles. Some passerby’s even asked if we were “professionals.” … If they only knew. Ha.

Before we could enjoy the accolades, we had to have a plan, then execute it. No different than executing YOUR marketing plan. We didn’t just show up and start throwing sand around. We had a clear vision on our outcome, then worked backwards from there.

… How’s your marketing execution?

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