“Why Should I Do Direct Marketing?” … Said The Broke Business Owner

I gave a speech today at the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Here are some of the highlights…

Doing business
in today’s busy world…
has changed.

Marketing has changed too.

If you’re still trying to sell to clients using old, worn-out, “hard to close” techniques… it’s going to be harder and harder to grow your business.

You can’t “trick” customers into a “sale.”

Good marketing is not about manipulation.

You’ll sell more by “servicing” your clients, than you ever will trying to “sell” to them.

Good marketing let’s you do that.

You can guide, encourage, and share value with clients, and do it long before they ever spend a penny with you.

This builds loyalty and trust.

You don’t have to wait
for someone to become a client
to add value to their life.

The Internet has made today’s consumers more informed. Your clients are doing more research than ever before. Many times, they know as much or more than the people they buy from.

Consumers are constantly comparing you to your competition.

Not just on price, but value. The key word here is value. If you focus on “servicing” your customers, you will put yourself in a much better position… It’s far more effective than old, traditional ways of selling.

I urge you to take advantage
of today’s technology.

With a little time and effort, a lead-generation system will be seen as your superstar salesperson. Totally automated. It will attract, sift, sort, and qualify… and disqualify prospects for you, around the clock, 365 days a year. It’s waaaaaay more effective than cold-call prospecting.

Clients come to me because they’re struggling to gain a foothold on their marketing. Or they’ve been making sales, and can’t seem to find that breakthrough to roll-out marketing to a large audience. They’re stuck.

They want to change, they just don’t know what to do differently. Sales isn’t what it used to be. The internet has changed all that. So why not make it work for you, instead of against you.

The key is to
“sell without selling.”

There is a science to what you share, and how you share it.

You see… To the average prospect, most businesses look alike. The prospect “doesn’t know… what they don’t know.”

They don’t know the right questions to ask. That’s why you must position yourself as a “consultant.” Their trusted advisor. Prospects are tossed back and forth, not knowing who to believe.

Your competitors are making similar claims. They’re telling prospects all about their features and benefits.

But, your prospect doesn’t know where to start. They’re hearing an overwhelming amount of information at one time.

This is where you can separate your business from the pack. When you do…

You’ll be their …
“Knight in shining armor.”

You’ve heard me say this before, but if you really want your business to stand out, do the opposite as your competitors.

People will notice.

Here’s the key. The more expensive your product or service, the less likely your prospect is ready to talk to a live person. So fill in that gap. Give them information, delivered to them on their terms, in bite-size pieces.

Sometimes that process can take weeks, months, even years. Just like your business is different, your prospect sees their problem as different. To them, their problem is unique.

Even if you’ve helped thousands of people solve the same problem before… Your next client believes their situation is unique. This is where having a strategic marketing system, comes in.

So, how do you create
a unique value opportunity?
Start by illustrating your process.

Lay it out. Prospects love to see the process. Impress them with everything you have to do.

Show them. Break things down. Be specific. Provide visuals.

There are two vital facts about building a highly profitable business:

(1)… All real wealth derived from business… is based on systems.

(2)… Most businesses have some kind of operations system, but lack the more valuable… marketing system.

To attract, and market to a more sophisticated market, you must spend more time and money per-perspective client. We cannot afford to let any of them slip through our fingers.

Your prospects are judging your competence and trustworthiness from the outset.

Your professionalism is being measured. How organized you are in your marketing influences their willingness to do business with you.

For these and other reasons, you need
a direct-marketing system.

So what is such thing?

As its name implies, it directly “reaches out to” “connects with,” and “brings” the desired prospective client, to you.

Here’s the big problem… Time. Are you doing busy work? Stuff you’re not good at? Research has shown that each of us is good at about 3-4 things. … That’s it.

The problem is, we try to do 100 other things.

Busy work. $11 work. It chews valuable time, and takes away from what you do best. Far too many people confuse activity with accomplishment. Instead, focus on what you do best, where your highest payoff. Outsource the rest. It’s cheaper and faster. To further illustrate my point…

The average business or sales person has a big “ah-ha” moment about every 3-4 months. They run across something that fascinates and motivates them so much… … that they see the value in rearranging their schedule, their budget, and their focus.

I encourage you to think hard about your business, from the inside, out.

If your business model looks
anything like it did a year ago,
and you’re not making more money
— something is wrong.

Take inventory. Be honest with yourself. Take a close look at your business model. A wiser, better utilization of your time and money is to study “direct marketing.”

With direct response marketing, you will learn how to develop systems and processes… it will put much of your marketing on auto-pilot. Instead of chasing people, attract them.

You will give your prospects are looking for. Value, trust, and rapport. Your client’s will want to do business with you over and over again. You’ll create a “referral culture.”

Anyone can learn these skills.

If you do, it will transform your business.

You’ll be happier. And, you will leapfrog your way to the top of your marketplace.

To be really successful, you must first think of yourself as a “marketer,” of your business.

And effective marketing isn’t Madison Avenue advertising. It’s friendly, engaging, and conversational.

Good marketing is the “relationship” you have with your audience when they’re not standing in front of you.