How To Turn Fear Into Courage

At the time of this blog entry, I am working on a couple of speeches I will be giving later this month.  One of the speeches I am working, people are paying to attend.

The other day, when I mentioned it to a friend, she said, “I don’t know how you do that.”

I said, “What, give a speech?”

She said, “Yes, doesn’t it make you nervous?”

I said, “Absolutely it does. But that’s a good thing.”

There was a time I broke out into cold sweats

Years ago, in my marketing career for Delta, I got coursed into attending a Toastmaster’s meeting. The international organization of speakers.

I told the person who invited me I would go, only as an observer.

I went to a Toastmasters International meeting. I thought I was just going to watch from the back of the room. To my surprise, someone picked me to do an impromptu talk about how ants use their pinchers as sutures. Needless to say, I was taken back. For a split second, I froze, not sure of what to say or do.

I collected myself, and managed to tell this short, ad-libbed story about ants and their pinchers. Looking back it was a neat experience. At the time, I was definitely nervous, but I got past it.

The nervousness some people refer to as fear.

Whenever I get nervous or fearful of something, it tells me it’s time to be excited.

I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone. You never want to strive for the absence of fear.

If you don’t have fear it means you’re not growing, you’re not growing. Staying in the same place.

I’m excited from a speaking standpoint to be talking to an audience like I am… people who are excited about learning more about marketing.

It’s exciting for me. I’m having some courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s having the “fear,” but doing it anyway.

I’m excited about this for me, the audience, and the impact my message is going to have on my audience, and the impact its going to make in their lives, and their businesses.

I want to leave you with that message. Be okay with fear.

Flip it.

Turn that fear into excitement. Get excited. What that means is you’re growing and going somewhere in life.

When something comes up, from now on… If you’re nervous to make that phone call, or get on stage. It’s okay to get excited and have a little fear.

Do do it anyway.

The only way you can get past fear or apprehension is to go face that, which you fear.

Jim Campbell said, “The cave you fear to enter is what holds the treasure you seek.”

I love that line. It’s profound and spot on.

Go do that which you fear. Go after it. Have the courage.

Where do you have some fear? Let me hear from you.