We Own The Media…

Are You Familiar
With YouTube, Emailing, 
Social Media, Podcasting, And Blogging?

… Of course you are. You’re a marketer.

Do You know what they all have 
in common?

They’re just a few of the many resources on the internet that give you free marketing.

Compare that to 30 years ago.  If you owned a business, and wanted people to see a video about your company, you’d have to convince a local TV station to send out a crew and interview you.

Your 15 minutes 
of fame…

When your story got on the news, you’d be lucky to get 2-minutes at the end of a broadcast, then hoped people saw it.  If not, it was gone forever.  If you wanted exposure in a publication, you’d have to convince a newspaper or magazine to write an article.

Here’s my point.  These days, there’s no excuse for NOT doing marketing. You can take out your Smartphone, have someone hold it in front of you, and shoot a quick video.

If you’re alone, no problem.  Just flip the screen over, and do a short “selfie.” You can walk around your business and showcase your staff.  Your only limits are your imagination.  Do whatever else you want to share with your audience.  When you’re done, you can post your video on YouTube.

It’s that simple.

Today, with a few minutes work, you can design your own YouTube Channel. In a month, you can have 50 or more videos uploaded and made available to your prospective customers.

The sky’s the limit.

And, It Can All Be Done

You can write articles on your own blogs, or social media sites, and it won’t cost you a dime.  For  a few bucks, you can host your own radio show.  Nowadays, podcasts now make it possible to publish your own format and talk about whatever you want.  You’re in full control… producer… editor… the whole nine yards.

Today, we can position our businesses better, cheaper, and easier than than at any 
time in history.  A steady diet of this kind of marketing will put you head and shoulders over your competition.

Add these strategies, along with your direct-marketing plan, and you’ll have a powerful marketing model for your business. You’ll soon become the leader in your marketplace, and for very little money.

The best part about this, there’s about a .999 chance your competitors has a clue how to do any of this kind of marketing.  It’s the cure for 
“out of sight, out of mind,” which means, when your prospects are ready to pull the trigger — you’ll at least have the first shot at their business.

You always on your client’s minds.  Your prospects and clients are dying to know what you know!

You can’t say, “I have no money for marketing” anymore.  Ask yourself this very important question…

How much of this stuff
are you
taking advantage of?

It’s not a valid excuse anymore. Use consumer guides, free recorded messages, MP3 audios, MP4 videos to deliver your message.

If you don’t know where to start, or don’t know what to do… we do.  If you’re backed into a corner and don’t know what to do, we can help you.  You may need something as simple as a nudge, or someone to handle all of your direct-response marketing needs.

For more info, contact me at (407) 619-3598 or email at rodharter@me.com to set up a free consultation.